Ventura County Film Commission

October 2022 Ventura County Film Commission Overview

Ventura County Film Commission 

City of Oxnard – Rosie Ornelas

City of Port Hueneme – Steve Kinney

City of Ventura – Meredith Hart

Cary Glenn

City of Ojai – James Vega

Robin Godfrey

City of Santa Paula – Dan Singer

James Mason

City of Fillmore – Dave Rowlands

City of Simi Valley – Linda Swan

Kelly Tinker

City of Moorpark – PJ Gagajena

John Bandek

City of Thousand Oaks – Haider Alawami

Dusty Russell

City of Camarillo – Georg Winkler

County of Ventura – Gloria Elisa Martinez

Paul Stamper

Film Commission – Bruce Stenslie | Commissioner

Bill Bartels | Liaison

What does the film office do?

Convene – Translate – Advocate – Track Production Trends – Assess Economic Impact

What is the outcome of what the film office does? Foster an Increase in local – location production and production days (prep – film – strike) 

Fostering & Maintaining relationships… with personal contact… 


The County

Departments in the County


Public Works Transportation


Sheriff’s Office (Local Command)

County Fire

As County

As City Contracts

Watershed Protection

Environmental Health

Animal Control

Resource Management Agency (RMA)



Other Permitting Authorities

State Film Commission


State Beaches

State Properties

California Highway Patrol

State Fire Marshal


Department of Defense (Local and State)

Coast Guard

Los Padres National Forest 


Special Districts


Ventura Harbor District

Recreation and Parks



Pleasant Valley






Seaside Park

Port of Hueneme (Oxnard Harbor District)

Lake Casitas

Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA)

Regional Amenities

Lake Piru


Santa Paula Branch Line (Sierra RR – Ventura County Transportation Commission)



University of California

School Districts

FLICS (Film Liaisons In California Statewide)




AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)

Teamsters Local (Ed Duffy)


Majors Governmental Affairs Folks Major_film_studios#Present_2

Warner Bros






To be a quiet solver… to connect and foster solving for production, for permitting layers, for locations… 

To foster communication with the aim of increasing film days both in and out of the zone.

To Connect Local Services with Production



Local Professionals




Heavy Lift

Production Office Space

Production Accounting 

Specialty Rigging 


Specialty Services

Emergency Medical Contractors

Security Companies

Water Haulers

Equipment Rental

To foster adding film days, increasing local infrastructure, mediating challenges…

As Resource of knowing the players… The Regions… 

As Resource for being able to connect the players…

As Resource to foster better connection…

As Resource to send folks and productions all around the county…

As Rosetta Stone to connect the common in the different languages of the various regulatory layers… and operational/execution of a production.

Tourism and Permitting Together.

Some thoughts on maximizing the partnership. Leveraging both/and… a tourism mode that connects directly to the permitting. We can enhance your experience and … the permits are available to do it.

Seeing yourself in this … and having the permissions to execute the project… one is a narrative of engagement… the other is the path of enrollment and execution. They go together. 

I wish I could… and here is the process by which your dreams, vision, and shot can come true

Film Commission Website Resources

Navigate to County Map For Permitting

In the lower left corner, click on the layers tab

Click the box for Cities and the plus for parcels then, click the box for Parcel Labels

The base Map can be adjusted by clicking on the label on the map itself. Using the most recent Aerial

Then, a search by address or APN will yield information about permitting jurisdiction

Some Blog Posts on Permitting and Location

Easy Ways to Make Permitting Harder.

It Always Starts with the Location of the Location.

 Start with Where