Start with “Where”

A perspective on Location Permits
A perspective on Location Permits

Temporary and Ancillary On Location… Starting with a “Where”

Temporary: Adjective
temporary (comparative more temporary, superlative most temporary)
1 Not permanent; existing only for a period or periods of time.
2 Existing only for a short time or short times; transient, ephemeral.

Ancillary: Adjective
ancillary (comparative more ancillary, superlative most ancillary)
1 Subordinate; secondary; auxiliary; accessory.
subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory
ancillary (plural ancillaries)
1 Something that serves an ancillary function, such as an easel for a painter.
2 (archaic) An auxiliary.

In Ventura County all production is temporary and ancillary. While the permits may come from different departments, the basis for the permitting schemes is seated in Euclidian Zoning. There is no single permitting scheme for Ventura County. Each City, special district and the county have a unique process. While some departments overlap (County Fire, County Environmental Health, Ventura County Sheriff, and the Highway Patrol) the coordination for those overlaps are from within the primary jurisdiction. That assignment of primary depends on “Where” the project is occurring.

This means that Blanket permits are not part of the scheme of how filming occurs. This also means that other land use permitting schemes may impact the ability to use a location for filming. Coastal Zone rules are different than Non-Coastal Zone. State beaches are different than County beaches are different than City beaches…

This means following the thread of the various land use schemes to a point of knowing what can and can’t be done.

It also means starting with some basic questions and answers.

Where is the proposed project intended to be? This means a specific site. An address. A point of geo-location. Knowing this information allows the beginning of engagement with the layers of regulatory schemes that over lay a spot.

This engagement takes time. The time varies by spot or location. But, pushing the river to make it go faster will only make the permitting solution more tangled.

So, we start with a location; a where.