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Permitting Information for the County of Ventura

See below for contact info for permit jurisdictions.


COVID – 19 Rules for Production

In addition, make sure to inquire about HOA or other local requirements for a specific location. Also, permitting times are greatly extended as permitting staff are not able to move as quickly.

Music, film, and television production (Includes Commercial Still Production)

Music, film, and television production are allowed to open in Ventura County beginning June 12, 2020. The State of California has identified that this industry can reopen beginning June 12, subject to approval by county public health officers. The Ventura County Public Health Officer will allow this industry to begin operating in Ventura County provided the following criteria are met:

  1. Must have a designated COVID-19 Compliance Officer on site.
  2. Must follow the prevention protocols identified in the appropriate industry guidance:
  3. Must post the COVID-19 Hotline Flyer (COVID-19 Hotline Flyer).
  4. No live audiences are allowed.
  5. Covid Compliance Attestation Form Link

Additional Clarification:

  • The County of Ventura requests that each permitting agency incorporate the language of these four requirements into their permitting process.
  • Local officials may follow-up with a site inspection.
  • A written COVID-19 prevention plan is not required as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer will be responsible for ensuring the protocols are followed and for meeting with the site inspector as needed.
  • These businesses are not required to register at VCReopens. Instead, the permitting process will satisfy the attestation requirement.

Make sure that you know the jurisdiction for the location that you are planning to film. If you have any question, please call the film liaison at (805) 409-9947

For any issues with this page please email [email protected]
or call The Film Liaison at (805) 409-9947

You can also look at potential locations on CinemaScout which is maintained by the State Film Commission.

Should there be an issue with filming around you, please click on the jurisdiction link below to find the proper authority to report the issue.  If you are having problems call the number above for help with resolving the issue.