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Permitting Information for the County of Ventura

See below for contact info for permit jurisdictions.

COVID – 19 PERMIT INFORMATION: Updated 6-22-2021

Film Guidelines for COVID – 19 Post June 15th. Per County Health, State Health, and Industry Agreements

  • Please be aware It is no longer necessary for business to register an attestation.
  • Businesses can take down Covid-19 prevention plans and other signage from their window fronts.

California is fully reopening its economy with businesses resuming normal operations (with limited exceptions for mega-events). The new Health Order, effective June 15, replaces previous health orders issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Click Beyond the Blueprint to learn more.

Key Points to Beyond the Blueprint

  • The Tiers, guidance documents, and prevention plans are no longer in effect. Most businesses can resume normal operations (how they conduct business with their customers.)
  • There are no limitations on capacity or physical distancing of attendees, customers, or guests.
  • Businesses with employees must continue to follow the Cal/OSHA Covid-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS). This includes mask-wearing and other preventive measures. Click to read the ETS.
  • Mega Events are characterized by large crowds greater than 5,000 (indoors) and 10,000 (outdoors) attendees. These events must still follow limited guidance and prevention guidance.

Industry continues to be guided by:

Make sure that you know the jurisdiction for the location that you are planning to film. If you have any question, please call the film liaison at (805) 409-9947

For any issues with this page please email
or call The Film Liaison at (805) 409-9947

You can also look at potential locations on CinemaScout which is maintained by the State Film Commission.

Should there be an issue with filming around you, please click on the jurisdiction link below to find the proper authority to report the issue.  If you are having problems call the number above for help with resolving the issue.