It always starts with the location of the location.

The call comes. “How do I…”

The Ventura County Film Commission is committed to connection.  Connection of production to resources.

Most of the time, that connection is to permitting resources. “Who do I talk to about a permit?”

It always starts with where are you trying to do your project. If the project is in the development phase, the question may be about costs of a particular location. This is a very different conversation from an actual permit pull.

Permits are based on behavior.

The first question is, “Can I pull a permit for this location?”

The second question is, “Are there any code or zoning violations for this location?”

If the answer to the first is no then move on. If the answer to the second is yes, then, if time is short, move on.

Working with the Commission’s Film Office can make finding the right location that can be permitted easier.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (805) 409-9947 or email at