“I Need A House… A Really Perfect Location… Can You Help?”

The phone rings, “Hi, I need a house, a house location.”

I need a house, where do I…?

I need a house. Nothing special.

The voice at the other end of the phone has a very specific set of needs for this ‘house.’  The film office will ask questions about story board, about inside or outside the zone, about budget. The film office will also be reviewing images from the film library of profiles. The gears have begun to move. This is all about film office and production sharing both image and idea. It broadens the palette to solve the challenge.

Dale King Ranch
A farm house up Piru Canyon


Dale King Ranch
A different view of the Piru Canyon House


Cute California Cottage — One Story Residence
Something completely different in Oxnard

And the next question… “What kind or style?”

From farm to modern… the palette is large. The trick is to have enough time to get in, scout, and present.

The Film office knows that industry is under tight time constraint. We also know that the palette is deep.

With some conversation and planning, the right image is available. Give a shout. Let us shape this scene together.

(805) 409-9947 is the Ventura County Film Commission phone number. Or email us: info@venturacountyfilm.com