Easy ways to make the permitting harder

Don’t ask if the location has a violation with code compliance, zoning or that filming is not allowed by ordinance.

Assume that there is an easy work around from a law, a department or that because of the great advertising value, the location can be moved from no to yes.

Don’t ask permission.

Assume, don’t ask, and make sure that you don’t really know what the address of the location is before you start the permitting process.


All of these little bumps will turn into mountains.


All can be avoided.

Start with the location of the location. Either a geo-location or an address. Go to VenturaCountyFilm.com and look on the maps and jurisdictions tab. The County GIS can locate both the site and the jurisdiction that has primary permit authority.

Once you know where, find out who.  Or, if you know who, ask if there are any current issues with code enforcement or zoning of which the owner or rep is aware.

If you are not clear, call the film commission liaison, Bill Bartels at (805) 409-9947 and get some help.

In Ventura County, we love the business.  And, each jurisdiction has a unique way of permitting the business. So, give yourself plenty of time to wend your way through the permitting process.